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Last Updated : 14.11.2019

Archived Tenders

Tender Ref No. Tender Category Dept. Reference No. Tender Department Brief Description / Subject Last Date of Submission Related Documents
Tender/280523/2019 SAR
  • RO
  • Mumbai II


14-11-2019 11:00:00 AM View details
Tender/280426/2019 SAR
  • RO
  • Ahmedabad

Sale notice- UNDER SARFAESI ACT,2002

12-11-2019 5:00:00 PM View details
Tender/280529/2019 TDR
  • RO
  • Udupi

Tender for Electrical and Furnishing Work in MIT Manipal Branch Under RO Udupi

12-11-2019 3:00:00 PM View details
Tender/280418/2019 TDR
  • RO
  • Hyderabad City

Tender for Supply, erection, and Commissioning of New Passenger lift in place of old at Ashiana Apartment, Hyderabad

11-11-2019 3:00:00 PM View details
Tender/280430/2019 SAR
  • RO
  • Ahmedabad

Sale notice- UNDER SARFAESI ACT,2002

08-11-2019 4:30:00 PM View details
Tender/39772/2019 RFP RFP 312
  • CO/HO
  • DIT

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) appliance for Private Cloud deployment along with private cloud management platform with 3 year AMC after expiry of 3 year warranty

08-11-2019 4:00:00 PM View details
Tender/280506/2019 PRE
  • RO
  • Hapur

Tender for Premises Requirement for Branch NARAULI Under RO HAPUR

08-11-2019 2:00:00 PM View details
Tender/280486/2019 SAR
  • RO
  • Chandigarh

Sale notice- UNDER SARFAESI ACT,2002

07-11-2019 4:00:00 PM View details
Tender/280492/2019 PRE
  • RO
  • Baghpat

Tender for Premises Requirement for Sarurpur Kalan Branch and ATM Under RO Baghpat

07-11-2019 3:00:00 PM View details
EOI/280522/2019 EOI
  • CO/HO
  • RRBU

Sale of Financial Assets by e-Auction

06-11-2019 4:00:00 PM View details

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